Tucked away in the gloriously green hills just outside of Naivasha is the Malu Treehouse. Some of you might remember that staying in a treehouse is one of my 25 aims for my 25th year, and with just a few days to go I managed to tick it off the list this weekend.

Malu treehouse, Kenya

The treehouse occupies a tranquil spot on the bend of a river in the ‘white highlands’ of Kenya. They were named this because, during the period of British Colonial rule in Kenya, European white immigrants settled here in large numbers. It’s easy to see what attracted them to the area – with the grassy green fields, rolling hills and cool climate it feels a lot like the UK. But it was a controversial move. The land was simply plucked from its original owners’ (mainly Masai, Kalenjin and Kikuyu tribes) grip and handed to the new inhabitants by the colony.

Malu treehouse, kenya

Nowadays, the land has changed hands several times, with the current owner developing this plot to incorporate cottages, stables, the treehouse and a restaurant. Up on the veranda, the feeling of being among the trees is pretty special. The building is rickety and charming with a rustic interior and a hodge-podge of bedrooms spread over two floors.

Malu treehouse, kenya

When not sitting on the porch rocking chair and musing that ‘this is what being 90 feels like’ one can also enjoy a leisurely walk to the plunge pool or take a horse ride through the leafy lanes with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains in places. Sunday morning was spent just this way – an invigorating start to the day.

Malu treehouse, kenya

We read, ate, played games and sat around the bonfire as the evening set in. The only sounds for miles around us were the rushing river and the chirp of birds overhead. Malu Treehouse – thank you. You made achieving No.7 of my 25 aims utterly wonderful.

Malu treehouse, kenya

Info: at just 22,000ksh for the whole place per night the Malu Treehouse is a cheap and cheerful weekend away from Nairobi. The place is about a 20 minute drive off the main road leading from Nairobi to Nakuru and a 4×4 is needed to reach the property. Bring lots of drinking water and be Delia Smith’s of the world warned: the oven is very basic.


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