Looking at picking up some art in Nairobi? Here’s a summary of the galleries to check out. I had very few expectations when I came to Kenya. In all honesty, I didn’t really have a clue about the place, apart from a few emails from journalists based here telling me it was fascinating, good for adventures, and an excellent spot to work as a freelance. As you’ll have realised if you’ve read many more of the posts on this blog, mine was a rapid case of falling deeply in love with the country, and with Nairobi where we live. I’d… View Post

Being able to visit Nairobi National Park is one of my favourite things about living here. Each time I’ve visited I’ve had spectacular wildlife encounters: from watching three lions triangulate around a herd of zebra, to spending an hour watching lion cubs playing in golden grass, and witnessing full-grown male ostriches dancing in a puddle of muddy water. The National Park is set on the outskirts of the city: a spectacular setting with wild giraffe galloping through soft scrubland against the city skyscraper backdrop. It’s just a 15 – 20 minute drive from the centre of town, and you can either drive yourself… View Post

In late 2015, my lovely Mum and Dad came out to see me in Kenya. They’d never travelled to Africa before, so I asked my Mum to write a little piece for the blog about their experience. Here is the fabulous mommabear herself, Mrs Judith Constable: We had a week of awe-inspired wonder and amazement in and around Nairobi wth Harri and Owen. Day 1 Driven around Nairobi National Park by hugely skilled and well-informed ranger, on roads that in Lake District here would be labelled ‘footpath under repair’. Loose rocks, tyre tracks a foot deep, thick mud, steep gradients –… View Post

This week, the first ever live web broadcast of lions in the Mara during twilight has begun. It’s a really cool initiative by Make It Kenya, where wildlife enthusiasts can tune in to watch the greatest show on earth live, from home. The campaign runs from 7 – 18 Jan, with over 50 live broadcasts during the period, including spectacular live night-time footage of the Mara’s predators. At a time when Kenya is finally back in top 10 lists as one of THE places to visit in 2016, this is a brilliant way to see the beauty and appeal of Kenya. Here’s… View Post

Today, while visiting the Masai Mara for a review of a new lodge, I witnessed the most extraordinary and heart-wrenching site. We’d been driving around the luscious Mara triangle for a couple of hours and were headed to the Hippo Pool – a spot where visitors can get out of the car without the fear of falling prey to a hungry lion, pop to the loo and walk to the viewing point to see hippos lolling lazily in the water, shading themselves from the intense equatorial midday sun. Usually, there’s a few other safari trucks around at this stop off point,… View Post

Happy 2016! I hope you all had jolly exciting holidays. I’ve spent this Christmas and New Year adventuring – tracking lions in Nairobi National Park, swimming with dolphins off Mnemba Atoll and soaking up the rays of sunshine on the soft sugary beaches of Matemwe in North East Zanzibar. But before I launch into 2016 plans, how did last year work out? 2015 was a transformational year for me. I left my job in London at the Financial Times to go freelance and move to Nairobi. I said goodbye to my friends and family, my little Kennington house and housemates, packed all my… View Post