I have been doing a lot of research recently into the way we as humans use animals. This was partly spurred on by the Cowspiracy documentary, which makes a compelling case explaining some of the statistics behind the meat and dairy industry’s impact on the environment. I wanted to find out more about some of the practises and choices we make around eating and using animals, so that I could make educated decisions about how I engage with these industries. The reality of animal testing One aspect of this research has lead to me to learn a lot more about… View Post

The name alone has a mystical, alluring feel to it. Zanzibar. You’d want to go there based on semantics alone, even if you didn’t know it was an idyllic island with beaches as white as the inside of a coconut. The irony here is that I’ve actually been to Zanzibar twice. Once over new year and once over Easter. When I pitched this piece to SUITCASE Magazine, I didn’t realise I’d get to be going to my ‘once in a lifetime’ destination again only a few months later, but hey, it’s not like I’m complaining. Aside from the gloriousness of… View Post

“Camping in Kenya offers adventurous travellers the chance to escape the crowds and see some of the country’s most beautiful sites from the rugged comfort of their own tent.” In March I spent a couple of weeks working for Getaway Magazine in Cape Town, South Africa’s leading travel magazine. The team there were very keen to get some useful content on Kenya up on their website so I started working on a big piece about camping in Kenya. From tree canopies to mountain tops and giant expansive plains, camping in Kenya is about as wild as it gets. In the… View Post

It’s been a busy start to 2016 as I’ve been flitting around Kenya and down to South Africa for work. Happily, my travels have taken me to the Masai Mara twice this year already – Kenya’s premier safari park full of luxurious lodges and teeming with wild beasts – with another trip taking place tomorrow (Mum and Dad back in tow!). While I was there last, I wrote a piece for SUITCASE Magazine about Angama Mara, a new safari lodge set up high above the dusky plains on the Rift Valley escarpment. It’s a pretty mesmerising place with panoramic views,… View Post

Olerai House is a charming little getaway on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha, about two and a half hours drive from Nairobi. The property is part of the Elephant Watch Portfolio – a collection of luxury lodges plus a self catering cabin owned by the Douglas-Hamilton family, who are well-known for their conservation work, most notably, their charity Save the Elephants. I visited a couple of months ago with mum and dad in tow (it’s a great place in Kenya to go with your parents), keen to see what else Naivasha had to offer than the usual haunt for those for… View Post

I have a flat in Nairobi, Kenya. Can’t see the Ngong Hills from it but there’s a Jacaranda tree shading our balcony which I’m very partial to. Or something like that, right Karen? Today I’ve been in Kenya for one year. I left my job at the Financial Times in London on 20th Feb 2015 and on 28th Feb boarded my flight to Nairobi. I had no idea what was in store as there was very little information available online about living in Nairobi, but I managed to get in contact with a couple of local journalists who made it clear… View Post