Once in a lifetime Zanzibar

The name alone has a mystical, alluring feel to it. Zanzibar. You’d want to go there based on semantics alone, even if you didn’t know it was an idyllic island with beaches as white as the inside of a coconut.

The irony here is that I’ve actually been to Zanzibar twice. Once over new year and once over Easter. When I pitched this piece to SUITCASE Magazine, I didn’t realise I’d get to be going to my ‘once in a lifetime’ destination again only a few months later, but hey, it’s not like I’m complaining.

Aside from the gloriousness of doing absolutely nothing in Zanzibar, I found Stone Town charming with its narrow streets and colourful front doors. We walked the streets early, before most tourists had snoozed off last night’s Pina Coladas, exploring enchanting little alleyways and stopping to pet the odd street cat that slipped past my ankles (that was mainly me, Owen wasn’t so keen).

With a few tips on where to stay, how to get there and other titbits of information, here’s my latest piece for SUITCASE Magazine on magical Zanzibarrrrr

SUITCASE Magazine Zanzibar



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