Escape Room Kenya: can you get out in time?


Get excited people there is a new activity in town and you’ve gotta try it.

It’s called Escape Room Kenya, and it’s located at Talisman in Karen. We visited last night to try our hand at escaping the Secret Gallery – a room filled with clues to help us, the gallery robbers, steal the goods and get out within an hour.

It’s the perfect activity for a bit of group fun, or for a corporate event or a family day out.

We had an 8pm slot booked, so arrived early and had a drink at the Talisman bar first before heading over to the Escape Room. On arrival, we were greeted by Pam, mastermind of Escape the Room and owner, as well as Tracy, who manages the event, passes on clues over walkie-talkie and prepares you for what lies within the room.

Not to blow our own trumpets, but we were the dream team. Owen, Trevor, Alissa and I worked together to crack codes and solve riddles, managing to escape in 38 minutes. THE FASTEST TEAM YET. BOOM! Four was a good number for the team, but you can take up to six people in at a time, and it’s not scary so kids can play too.

There’s currently one other room to try out, called the Jail House, and in February they’re also launching the Inventor’s Workshop room.


  • Adults : 2000 ksh/person
  • Players under 18 years : 1750 ksh/person
  • Players in groups of 6 people: 1900 ksh/person
  • Talisman customers (until 31.01.2017) : 15% off your first game*
  • Tin Roof cafe and Marula Mercantile customers (until 31.01.2017) : 10% off your first game with a receipt. *

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