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Perhaps you are, or know, one of these people, for whom leaving for holiday is a huge, monumental STRESS: from the size of their bag to the weight of it, whether they’ve packed the right thing, the transport, being late, forgetting passports, worrying they’ve forgotten passports even when they haven’t, the tube, waiting at the airport, leaving the dog behind, remembering they don’t even have a dog, running frantically through the airport looking wide-eyed and dishevelled…

People, I’ve got news for you. It is alllllllllll about starting the holiday from the moment you close your front door.

You gotta embrace the ‘give an F, I’m on vacation’ mood for the entire journey; it will make you, and those around you happier, more contented human beings. You should be leaving your house feeling as excited as these guys:

ross excited gif

Here’s how you can start the holiday early and make the most of your entire trip from doorstep to pool inflatable:


With so many competitive transport options getting to the airport comfortably and affordably is very much achievable. Cab company Uber has set up right across the globe and they often offer discounts when you sign up, making the journey cheaper than your train ticket.  If you do opt for train transport, book as far in advance as possible and you might just be able to wangle yourself a first class seat for practically the same price as coach.


My uncle travels regularly for business and is the pro of cutting his time at the airport down to the final millisecond.  He’ll arrive 20 minutes before his flight takes off and be comfortably in his seat with a packet of Pringles as the doors close. While this is pretty damn awesome, I wouldn’t recommend it for the less-seasoned traveller.  Give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the ride! You don’t need to rush, you’re on holiday.


New airport terminals like Heathrow T2 and T5 now have offer free makeovers at their beauty counters and massages with their skin care brands, incredible restaurants and beautiful shops. Consider booking yourself into a lounge like the No1 Traveller Lounge for the ultimate airport experience. LHR T2 now also has a personal shopping service, so you can leave looking and feeling like a film star.


Food that comes out of teeny-tiny plastic containers and is served with plastic cutlery is for children, not fully grown people on planes. Those who relish the holiday experience from the minute they close the front door do not sit consuming squidge that they cannot identify, but visit one of the very nice restaurants at the airport for a sophisticated meal and drink before boarding. I can recommend Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food at LHR T5. If you’re in a rush, all the restaurants offer picnics to take on board!

What are your tips for starting the holiday early? Do you think it’s even possible? I’d love to hear your thoughts below x




  1. Jenn Turnbull July 29, 2014 / 5:29 pm

    Airport food can be the pits, it’s so true. So I either bring something yummy from home or find the best restaurant in the airport- even if it means trekking to the next terminal over. Grabbing a cocktail always makes for a great start for a holiday too!

    • harriet July 29, 2014 / 9:24 pm

      Jenn, you sound like my kinda girl. x

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