In the last instalment of my journey to update the Rough Guide to Kenya I had made it from Maralal to South Horr where we spent the night in turquoise crusty bandas with a big fluffy dog called Bear. From there, I headed north toward the shores of Lake Turkana and the ‘cradle of mankind’. The region is so named because it is here that the earliest discoveries of the human species have been found. I liked that idea, and as we embarked on the bumpy journey north I mused that I wasn’t really going somewhere new, but simply going back… View Post

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve been on the road updating the northern section of Rough Guide to Kenya. It’s been one heck of a journey, through the most varied landscapes and wide-ranging of accommodation options. You can read about the beginning of my trip in Laikipia here. After Laikipia, I ventured further north on to the wild and colourful town of Maralal before scaling a sheer rock (and quickly coming all the way back down again). Here’s the story of the stretch from Maralal to South Horr… MARALAL Two hours up the terrible ‘tarmac’ road… View Post

I’ve been commissioned to update the northern section of the Rough Guide to Kenya. My trip has so far taken me through the golden plains and rocky roads of Laikipia to colourful, hectic, dusty Maralal, onward up rock faces and back to South Horr and over shards of volcanic rock to the shores of Lake Turkana. I’ll be posting the tales of my journey on the blog, starting in Laikipia… ——— DAY 1: OL PAJETA CONSERVANCY We left Nairobi at 2pm and drove the Thika Super Highway out to Nakuru. Winding our way north, we passed luscious pineapple plantations and tropical… View Post

Surprising as it may be to some, Nairobi is filled with quirky shops, delicious restaurants, wild nature walks, tranquil little cafes and great party spots. Here’s a handpicked selection of my absolute favourite things to do in the city: Moniko’s, Valley Arcade Nairobi is full of little oasis’ that help you escape from the traffic and tribulations of daily life in the city and this may be one my favourites. Located in the back court of Valley Arcade, Moniko’s is owned by a food passionate Swede who emigrated to Kenya over 10 years ago. The restaurant looks like to belongs… View Post

“The self-made man does not exist in Africa. If the motto of Europe is individualism: `I think therefore I am,’ Africa’s would be communalism: `I relate, therefore I am.’ In Zulu there is a saying: `One is a person through others,’ or, as John Mbiti, the Kenyan theologian, put it: `I am because we are and, since we are, therefore I am.’” Richard Dowden, Africa, Altered States, Ordinary Miracles The best part of Nairobi is the social relationships you can build here. Whilst the expat scene is wonderful, with interesting people from all over the world, there are also great… View Post

Sport is big in Kenya, especially the capital Nairobi. With its year round great weather, the city is ideal for those who want to get outside and play their favourite game. In addition, Kenyans love watching, and arguing about, football. Below is a selection some of the sporting highlights of Nairobi: Where to watch football in Nairobi Most football matches in Nairobi are played at Nyayo Stadium in the Industrial Area or Kasarani Stadium. Whilst the majority of Kenya Premier League matches are fairly quiet, any game involving Gor Mahia, or AFC Leopards tend to be fairly raucous. The derby between… View Post