At the turn of my 25th birthday last year I created a list of 25 aims I wanted to achieve before I made it to 26. From travel plans to career aspirations, my 25 aims for my 25th year encompassed long sought-after dreams that, after 25 years on earth, I felt could simply wait no longer.

After 365 days my time is up. Today I turn 26, so it’s time to reveal how I got on:

Morocco's high atlas mountains

It has been one heck of a year and I’ve managed to achieve almost every single of my 25 big’uns. I started by discovering Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains (No1) in June last year. We trekked to a sacrificial stone, stayed in a beautiful traditional house and I endured one of the hardest but coolest days of my life on a hectic mountain biking adventure.

lake naivasha camping

Next up, I wanted to spend more time in Africa (No2). I ended up ticking off two of my aims in one as it happens, because another was to live abroad (No19), and I moved to Kenya! I’ve already travelled around a lot of Kenya – we’ve been camping in Naivasha, had a wild night in Tsavo, and visited the coast where I faced my fears and got my PADI diving qualification (No4).

leopard in the Masai Mara

I have also been able to see a ton more wildlife (No11) by living in Kenya, including hanging with the lions in Nairobi National Park and enjoying the best show on earth in the Masai Mara. Safe to say living here has also granted me lots of experiences to blog from somewhere extraordinary (No12) whether that’s writing on a pad balanced on my knee while bumping along on a game drive or sitting in a coffee shop in Nairobi.

taste of london

Before I left, I made sure I made the most of London (No5). I lived like a tourist exploring all the attractions of the city, went to the taste festival, spent an afternoon with Lady Dinah’s cats at the café (No24), ate in Duck and Waffle at 2am (No8) and raved my way in to the day (No6).

Girl camping

Further afield but also in the UK I roadtripped Ireland (No9) and appreciated Edinburgh’s culture with a jam-packed weekend of shows at the Fringe. I also went camping on a Devon microadventure weekend (No21). I uncovered the best travel apps (No15) and I just published my eBook to Morocco (No16) – download it here for free!

Harri travels guide to morocco

I won a blogging award (No17) for my piece on feeling the burn: biking Morocco’s High Atlas and I explored New York like a local last summer (No18), predominately by eating my way through the city. NOM. On the point of eating, I spent the year discovering some of the world’s most fantastic vegetarian food too (No23).

Marrakech restaurant

I’ve had multiple freelance pieces of writing commissioned (No20) which you can see on my portfolio and last weekend I achieved No7 of staying in a treehouse! No10 was to help protect Antarctica so I’ve spoken to over 500 kids in schools and published an interview with Robert Swan.

Malu treehouse, kenya

So what’s left? Well, I can’t speak French, I didn’t manage to travel Canada (not sure why, had so much free time) and I’m yet to play travel roulette. But don’t worry, they’ll be on the next list…

Thanks to all those who supported the blog this past year and my gallivanting around the globe. It’s been a blast.

Coming up: 30 BEFORE 30!

If you have an idea for my next list please comment below! 




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